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E008: Customer Interviews

Simon and Volkan both go out of their way to talk to customers.

E007: Incremental vs Innovation

Simon is adding new rate limiting, and hoping to lower his AWS bill. Volkan conversions are lower but hoping new UX changes will increase them.

E006: Stripe, Selling and Scope

Simon has been dealing with Stripe in multiple interesting ways, and Volkan accepts that scope creep is just part of founder life.

E005: Strategic Backtracking

Simon has had to go back and look at what is effecting his SEO rankings. Volkan decide to backtrack and not build a cool feature.

E004: Summer Slowdown

Simon is worried about recession and what that will do to churn and growth. Volkan is still working on pricing and UX.

E003: Tidying Up

Simon is tidying up the marketing website and some processes. Volkan is adding and finishing up some features he hopes will increase conversions.

E002: Platform Risk

Both Simon and Volkan are having some platform risk. Digital Ocean had some API errors with their backups and Volkan is waiting to get access to Stripe features.

E001: Unnamed Podcast

Simon and Volkan introduce themselves and their businesses SnapShooter and Versoly.

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