Two bootstrapped SaaS founders giving weekly podcast updates about shipping product.

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EP014: Delegating and Dark mode

Simon is ready to launch the new agent and Volkan has built dark mode.

EP013: Cashflow forecasting and MVP features

Simon had issues with cashflow for the first time as he has "over" hired. Volkan became a digital nomad and has shipped more features power users.

E012: It's too cold in Britain

Simon has a fellow UK SaaS founder Jamie from Mashoom as a co-host. As they discuss Jamie's product, what they have done for the week and plans for next week.

E011: UI and Maintenance

Simon and Volkan are both dealing with maintenance.

E010: Tailwind this, Tailwind that

Volkan rebuilds chrome dev tools for Tailwind and Simon finally gets a proof of concept for his secret project along with audit paperwork prep

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