Two bootstrapped SaaS founders giving weekly podcast updates about shipping product.

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E008: Customer Interviews

Simon and Volkan both go out of their way to talk to customers.

E007: Incremental vs Innovation

Simon is adding new rate limiting, and hoping to lower his AWS bill. Volkan conversions are lower but hoping new UX changes will increase them.

E006: Stripe, Selling and Scope

Simon has been dealing with Stripe in multiple interesting ways, and Volkan accepts that scope creep is just part of founder life.

E005: Strategic Backtracking

Simon has had to go back and look at what is effecting his SEO rankings. Volkan decide to backtrack and not build a cool feature.

E004: Summer Slowdown

Simon is worried about recession and what that will do to churn and growth. Volkan is still working on pricing and UX.

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