E012: It's too cold in Britain

Simon has a fellow UK SaaS founder Jamie from Mashoom as a co-host. As they discuss Jamie's product, what they have done for the week and plans for next week.
Simon's rebuild of the proof of concept prototype for his secret project is successful, 14% to 95% data transfer efficiency compared to raw speeds.

Jamie is stuck working out why the sales demos aren't converting to paid customers even though they seem happy with the product.

They both discuss the extra paperwork required for running a SaaS and how having backend processes like good accounting may actually add value to the business with higher resell value if that times ever comes.

Jamie on Twitter
Mashoom -Jamie's startup

Simon on Twitter
Volkan on Twitter
SnapShooter DigitalOcean Backups - Simon's startup
Versoly - Volkan's startup

Creators and Guests

Simon Bennett
Simon Bennett
Founder and CEO of SnapShooter
Jamie Robinson
Jamie Robinson
Founder of MashoomUK and CTO at Loanpad
E012: It's too cold in Britain
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